We are more than a Sunday church, we believe in staying connected with members through our different activities and events that serve all ages. Our doors are open to all regardless of their origin, or where they are in their spiritual pilgrimage

Our Structure

We are a fundamentally apostolic, New Testament Church that expresses the fullness of the five ministries: Masters, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Apostles.

Focus on Evangelism and Missions.

We are a missionary and evangelist church. We try to impact through our lifestyle, based on the principles of the Word of God that generates a powerful attraction to Jesus Christ and His kingdom in all those who still do not know Him.

Family Church

We are a family church, we meet in Life Groups and create an environment of fellowship, family, community and communion, the fruit of the Covenant with Jesus Christ.

Our history

In 1973, at the end of the great revival in Bolivia under the guidance of the late evangelist Julio César Ruibal, our main pastor, Carlos Peñaloza was called to the ministry a few months after he became a Christian. Finally, he was ordained as the first pastor of Ekklesia in Bolivia, but God had a different calling for his life. Following the call of God, Pastor Carlos moved to the United States and began forming small groups of houses in Virginia, which eventually became Ekklesia USA. Today, Ekklesia USA is one of the most influential churches in the metropolitan area and continues to grow every day.

Our Pastors

Pr. Carlos Peñaloza

Pastor Carlos was ordained as the first pastor of Ekklesia in Bolivia. Following God’s call, Pastor Carlos moved to the United States to study at Portland Bible College in Oregon and received training for leaders at the Haggai Institute in Singapore. Then, he began to form small groups of houses in Virginia, which eventually became Ekklesia USA. Today, Pastor Carlos is the Senior Pastor of Ekklesia USA and is also very involved in the spread of the gospel through global reach and founded mission centers and dependent churches of Ekklesia USA in Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, United States, Spain, Germany, the Middle East and other countries.

Pra. Miriam Peñaloza

Pastor Miriam Peñaloza received the Lord Jesus Christ in 1975 in Bolivia. In 2002, she was ordained as a pastor of Ekklesia USA when the church was in its infancy. Pastor Miriam was the first director of the Sunday school of the church and helped that ministry become what it is today. Today, Pastor Miriam is still helping to develop other ministries, including the highly successful Ekkle Kids, Steel Roses and Worship Warriors ministries.

Pr. Eduardo Lanchipa

Pastor Eduardo has been with Ekklesia USA from the beginning. He has served the church with extreme loyalty and devotion for many years. Today, Pastor Eduardo is an associate pastor at Ekklesia USA and is in charge of many important ministries, such as the ministry of ushers and the membership ministry..